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The team at Bahamian Escapes, including our Founder and Realtor, Shamon Campbell, recently attended #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs ; a brilliant combination of open house and art exhibition curated by our [...]

RE:1 Residency Exhibition

The Current at BahaMar commenced the year with an incredible debut of their Residency Exhibit, RE:1 on Friday January 12th. The aroma of art, wine, culture and good conversation filled the air as [...]

Bimini Highlight

Bimini Highlight – We’d like to start by assuring you that Bimini fills every ounce of expectation at arrival. (more below.) – As most travelers recommend… explore as soon [...]

Permanent Residency in The Bahamas’

Permanent Residency in The Bahamas It’s close to the US, it’s got a great tax infrastructure and, well, then there’s that water. It’s no surprise that the Bahamas is a popular vacation home [...]